There was drama at one of the Electoral Commission’s (EC’s) registration centers at Damongo, capital of the Savannah Region after a prospective registrant abandoned the process because his Fulani friend who went to guarantee for him to register said they are related.

The Fulani man was able to successfully register because he was born and bread in the Damongo Constituency ans had the Ghana card and so decided to come to the aid of his Gonja friend who has no Ghana card and passport.

At the Registration center where they went together the electoral officer asked the relationship between the two and the Fulani man quickly said the Gonja man is the first born of his aunty.

The Fulani man went further to narrate about their family lineage but this infuriated the Gonja man who immediately canceled the process since according to him he cannot become a Fulani because of a voter identify card. Not even perauation from the EC officials present would convince the man who walked away from the registration center.

The furious man later told people who asked him about the issue that he is a Gonja royal and not related to the Fulani but was surprised his Fulani friend introduced him as his family member instead of his friend. The Gonja man said if he allows the EC officials to record his name as related to a Fulani it can affect his future status as a prospective Chief.

The issue has been the topic for discussion in the Damongo town with many people making enquiries to know the Fulani man involved so as to trace the lineage of the Gonja man who os known to be a royal and can become a future Chief in the Damomgo area.