The 1999 Primary Six batch of the Busunu L/A Primary School led by Mr Imoru Ibrahim have surprised their 76-year-old former Teacher Mr Jimah Kojo Kelly affectionately called “Teacher Kelly” with a citation and an undisclosed amount of money.

The former students said they made the presentation to Teacher Kelly because he was one of pillars on which education in Busunu was built and was known to be a strict disciplinarian who focused on good morals in the upbringing of children in Busunu.

The 1999 former students of Teacher Kelly recounted how he performed the dual role of a Headteacher and the Primary One Teacher explaining that they have not forgotten the positive influence of their special teacher on their life hence the need to show appreciation.

After a short Islamic du’ah prayer by some invited Imams, family members, heads of the two primary schools, an undisclosed amount of money and a well designed citation was donated to Teacher Kelly whom they described as ‘the most industrious teacher of all time’.

An elated Teacher Kelly after receiving the items expressed appreciation and prayed for Gods blessings and grace on all his former pupils.

He could not hide his joy as he unwittingly opened his drawer and fished out a very dusty register, which contains the list of indigenes of Busunu in the 1990’s recalling nostalgic memories of his days as a primary school teacher.

“What else can I say..this is the first of its kind this is more than a surprise those days when I was strict on wards, parents and pupils alike, gave me names. Its successful people like you who will vindicate me”; he said adding “all professionals can boast but a teacher taught them all”

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Bugli Isaiah