By Haruna Abdulai Obey

A Palace is a residence, especially a royal residence, that a King or Chief resides and in most cases also use as the office.

Bolewura Sarfo Kutuge (I) since ascending the Bole skin is reallly transforming the Chieftaincy institution in the Bole Traditional area by beginning the building of a magnificent Palace at his family house in Bole which is part of the Safope Royal family. The Bolewura has ordered all his sub- Chiefs especially those of high rank to build Palaces in the shortest possible time.

The Bolewura started a Palace project at Mandari before moving to Bole where he began his Palace project.

The two-storey simple but magnificent Palace being put up has rooms at the top with an open courtyard below. Even though not completed the Bolewura’s Palace promises to be a beautiful one befitting of a Paramount Chief of one of the important Traditional Areas of the Gonja Kingdom.

The Tunawura has since completed his Palace at Tuna with Palaces springing up in Sawla, Doli and other communities.