A Young Accra based Businessman who grew up in the Canteen Community near Damongo Alhaji Alhassan Sulemana has provided money for the maintainance of two mechanised boreholes in the Canteen Community to the relief of residents of the Community.

Speaking to Bole based Nkilgi FM on Tuesday 23rd June,2020, Mr Sulemana said he volunteered and maintained the parts of two faulty mechanised boreholes in separate parts of Canteen, that is, Mr Darison’s area and Farmers Council so as to help solve the water problem in the Community after his attention was drawn to the faulty mechanised boreholes for sometime now resulting in residents of the Community struggling to access water.

Mr Alhassan said his gesture is to meant to encourage members of the Canteen Community especially those outside the Community to participate in the development of the area and to give back to the Community what it gave them.

He said he fully funded the repairs by buying pipes for the 12 leaking taps and also bought rubber hoses to enable those who will fetch the water do so easily.

Mr Alhassan said he first dug a mechanised borehole and installed a tank in the Canteen community but unfortunately the borehole produce less water.

Asked the total amount he spent on the repairs of the boreholes, Mr Alhassan told Nkilgi FM he did not maintain the mechanised boreholes for glory but to do his part to solve the water problem of the community where he grew up and where he was taught his first lessons in life. He said it is not about the money but the relief his gesture has brought to residents of the Community.

However Nkilgi FM’s enquiries indicates the young businessman spent about GHc5,000.00 to maintained the boreholes that were supposed to be maintained by the West Gonja Municipal Assembly and its Water Board.

Source: nkilgifmonline.com