By Akibu Yahuza

My people of Damongo Constituency, do not forget “The devil you know is better than the angel you don’t know”.

Also under the era of digital TV transmission, do not exchange your colour TV with a Black and White TV. Shine Your Eyes Well Well!

Do not forget…I say, make you no forget oooo…. Many, many years ago, one could not travel on the Fufulso/Damongo road in time and in comfort. Abi you remember? Have you so soon forgetting?Make you no forget!

Today, the Fufulso/Damongo road is no more our worry but Water for the good people of Damongo and it’s environs.

If President Mahama with Hon. Adam Mutawakilu were able to offload one of our major problems, Fufulso/Damongo road, what makes you think they cannot take away another problem facing us?

The second coming of President Mahama,with his able MP Hon. Garlus will afford Damongo and it’s environs the opportunity to have a very comprehensive water system.This is non-negotiable.

To fulfill this wish, do not throw away your votes.

DDo not vote for Nana Akufo-Addo and Samuel Abu Jinapor. They only give fish but will never show you how to fish!

Vote for President Mahama and Hon Adam Mutawakilu for a better Damongo Constituency.

This is a call to national duty. Play your part effectively. Don’t let anyone fool you!!!

Many businesses sprung up in Damongo because of the limited time people spend in using Fulfulso/Damongo road. Industries would be established in Damongo when there is reliable and comprehensive water systems installed.

JM is coming to do it In shaa Allah.