The Minister of the Savannah Region Hon. Adam Salifu Braimah has said that the observation of social distancing is still a major problem in the region and that the Christians as a Religious groups have no much problem complying with the protocols but the Muslims nees much eduaction beacsue they still gather in the mosques to pray and also attend weddings, naming and funeral ceremonies in large numbers which is against the basic protocols put in place by the government.

The Minister who made these comments when he addressed a press Conference at the Savannah Regional Coordinating Council in Damongo on 18th June, 2020 also called on the media to educate people to be alive to their responsibilities.

He mentioned the Savannah Regional capital Damongo and Salaga as the major towns in the region that keeps defying the Coronavirus protocols adding that “we are counting so much on the media to educate our people especially Muslims because we they are the people who go contrary to some of these things. God is everywhere”

The Savannah Region Minister said the region has recorded 34 new cases of COVID-19 bringing the total number to 35 with the laboratory confirmation of the cases done on 14th June 2020.

He said 18 out of the 34 cases were recorded in Salaga in the East Gonja Municipality with the remaining 16 cases also recorded in Buipe in the Central Gonja district of the Savannah Region.
He further said the Savannah Regional Health Directorate embarked on an enhanced surveilance leading to the collection of sputum samples from clients who he described asymptomatic.

Hon. Braimah explained that the results of the affected persons were communicated to them leading to the victims undergoing self-isolation in their various homes whilst contact tracing and sputum collection is ongoing at the two affected districts by the rapid response teams fully supported by their district assemblies which has led to the tracing of some 30 contacts so far.

The minister urged the people of the Savannah Region to adhere to the basic principles of preventing the spread of COVID-19. He appealed to the media to help in the education of the people especially the market centers which people from all walks of life gather for business purposes.

He said again that the region has so far been able to put in place 3 isolation centers in Damongo, Salaga and Bole with each center
capable of receiving more than 30 persons.

Meanwhile the Savannah Regional Minister disclosed during the media briefing that some Personal Protective equipments have been sent to Tertiary schools in the municipality which have reopened.

The Director of Health Services for the Savannah region, Dr Chrisantus Kubio in a speech said the affected persons shows no signs and symptoms of the disease but to enhance surveillance in the region.

Dr Kubio said those affected even though shows no signs and symptoms, they can still transmit the disease to other persons in the region, leading to self isolation of the people.

He also urged the people to abide by the protocols put in place to help fight the disease in the region.

Source: Zion Abdul- Rauf