Alhaji Asumah Zaid who is from Kusawgu in Gonjaland has called on the Overlord of the Gonja Kingdom Yagbonwura Tuntumba Boresa (I) to speak up for his subjects in the Gonja Kingdom to know his position on the Electoral Commissions attempt to compile a New Voter’s Register.

Alhaji Asumah Zaid in an open letter to the Yagbonwura on 15th June, 2020 and copied to Bole based Nkilgi Fm, indicated that most of the prominent Chiefs and Overlords of other ethnic groups have made their position clear which he thought by now the Yagbonwura who is the Overlord of Gonja, should have also taken his position on the matter.

Alhaji Zaid in his letter said the Yagbonwura has one of his sons contesting for the highest seat of this nation- John Dramani Mahama and it must be a concern to the Yagbonwura, because it is said; “when there is water spilling, everybody protects himself” and for that matter, John Dramani Mahama who is a son to the Yagbonwura should make his stance clear as other Overlords have done on the issue of the New Voter’s Register.

Alhaji Asumah Zaid said there are several times the Okyehene has made comments defending and supporting his son President Nan Akufo-Addo but the Overlord of Gonja has never publicly done same.

He said the Okyehene, Yaa Naa, Domaahene, the Kings of Ewes, the Kings of Brong, and some other prominent Chiefs including the National House of Chiefs have all made their positions known and he doesn’t know why Yagbonwura do not want to speak on the issue.

Alhaji Zaid said for sometime now Gonja land is now becoming dormant in the matters of the National interests and so for this particular issue of the compilation of the New Voter’s Register, the Overlord must speak, and that his people needs to hear his voice.

“Each and everyone protects its own, yes its own, and so the Okyehene is heard times and times talking for His son Akuffo- Addo so you must rise up to the task, speak out Yeram. Your kingship is big and your children want to hear you speak. Yeram I write to you because I am your Imam from Kusawgu and also a royal from Adamape Gate Kusawgu. May your reign live long. Yiram mai deisei (I’m lying down)”; Alhaji Zaid said.