Mahama Ibrahim Watara

It is now obviously clear to all patriotic and well meaning Ghanaians to choose between a try me to President and a refined President.

This year’s election is going to be fought base on real performance and the Ghanaian moral values. It is evidentially clear that, upon all the efforts deployed by a wicked political cabal and demagogues that goes with the brand the “try me too mafias” have tried to taint the image of John Dramani Mahama, the laws of nature has continued to vindicate him from their reproach.

It is also undoubtedly clear that these same ancient political demagogues have tried very hard to force down the throat of Ghanaians a poisonous pill named after a common legal terminology “Gov1” to swallow, in order to crucify a destined innocent man on the tabloids of the UK media to the extent that they have to spend the poor tax payers money to execute their wicked, evil and parochial agenda.

Realizing that Ghanaians are not stupid enough to allow themselves to be poisoned by such unfounded and cooked up allegations, they resorted to the Electoral Commission of Ghana praying for salvation for their electoral fortunes in the compilation of an entirely new voters register which would offer them the opportunity to scheme a rigging plan using the EC chairperson and the new register as their bargaining chip.

But the law of nature they say is the best judge, Ghanaians have seen the evil plot of the New Patriotic Party and their attempt to rig the 2020 elections.

Ghanaians are not people with short memory, of course we know some individuals from the NPP where deported back to Ghana by the Kenyan government for attempting to interfere in their electoral processes.

The refined John Dramani Mahama also deserve a second term. Today what Ghanaians are experiencing as achievements chalked by this NPP government is a carry forward of John Dramani Mahama’s projects put in place to make Ghanaians lives better

Part two coming soon.

9th June, 2020