To all our Men and Women in uniform, I know per your Service Regulations, you are not supposed to openly criticise Government. I equally know that majority of you are not happy with recent developments and you have been hiding to discuss same in your closets. You have families within and outside the barracks who are more worried with this dangerous path of the EC and Government.

You were trained to hold weapons and defend the state against physical force not disease, not your own family members and not innocent Citizens. Remember your Superiors, General of the highest Training have been leveled by Corona despite their training.

Remember others before you succumbed to the force of the masses when the masses matched on them.

Remember some of your colleagues have gone and others still under quarantine as a result of needless exposure and risk that your Political heads have subjected you too.

Remember your families in any needless order from your politically tainted superiors.

Resisting a wrong command can be a service to the nation.

But why wait till the need for a wrong command when you could send a clear message to your superiors that, such wrongful commands will not find favour with you.

I know when you want to speak, it is on purpose, crisp and to the point. I know your silent silent speech is loud and deafening.

Speak clearly to your Commanders to warn the Government on the dangerous path that they are taking this country through.

That you can’t resist the fury of the masses and the ravages of Corona Virus Pandemic.

That you men prefer to die in defence of the Nation as Gallant men and women but not foolish deaths in defence of unconscionable and unreasonable political manipulations and manuevres.


Hon Salisu Be- ‘Awuribe
(NDC SR Sec)