A 25 year old Fulani man Abdul- Rahman Yahaya is in the grips of the Damongo Police for allegedly conspiring with his brother to inflict deep cutlass wounds the body of a 27 year old farmer Mr Ibrahim Habib who is a resident of Sumpini near Busunu in West Gonja Municipality of the Savannah Region.

Speaking to Bole based Nkilgi Fm, the Assemblyman for the Busunu Electoral Area, Hon Dari Osman Thomas said victim Ibrahim Habib who is a Dagomba went to attend to natures call at the outskirts of the village and heard murmuring near the borehole of the community.

On reaching the area, Habib realised the Fulani man Abdul- Rahman and his colleague Mumin who is also a Fulani and who had traveled all the way from Kunjipe in the Central Gonja District to Sumpini were busily having sexual intercourse with some two Fulani young ladies in the nearby bush.

The Assemblyman said Mr Habib after seeing them in the act approached them and made it clear to them it was an abomination on the Sumpini land for people to have sex in the bush leading to a misunderstanding between he Habib and the two Fulani men.

The misunderstanding led to one of the Fulani men Mumin pulling a sharp cutlass and slashing the victim after which he runned into the bush.

The Assemblyman for Busunu explained that the Police in Busunu later apprehended the accomplice Abdul- Rahman at Fufulso Junction after using one of the two ladies the Fulanis men allegedly had sexual intercourse with to track him.

The Fulani ladies Ramatu and Barchisu were used to lure the man through telephone calls to Fufulso Junction where they were arrested. Abdul- Rahman is currently at the Damongo Police Station assisting them with information whilst the victim is receiving treatment at the West Gonja Municipal Hospital.

Mumin who allegedly committed the act of slashing the hand of the farmer is on the run.

Source: nkilgifmonline.com