The Savannah Regional Communication Bureau of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) have sent a delegation this afternoon 27th May, 2020 to make a first hand donation to a young lady Soale Fatimah who was allegedly assaulted by the Municipal Chief Executive (MCE) for the West Gonja Assembly, Mr Muhazu Saeed popularly known as Jegede.

A short statement from the Savannah Regional Communication Officer of the NDC Mr Malik Basintale and copied to Bole based Nkilgi said; “the lady is currently on admission after allegedly receiving several punches from the MCE also had her belongings destroyed by the MCE out of anger all because the lady had an argument with him”.

Malik Basintale also said an undisclosed amount of money was presented to the young lady and some words of encouragement was given to remind her that not all politicians are the same.

The NDC said they will keep fighting for the voiceless as they remind the NPP that surely power is transient.