A photo of a popular young man from Damongo who was beaten by people of a Community near Tamale and left for dead is on circulation on social media.

The young man known as Majeed Square is seen in the picture tied to a motorbike with a goat also tied to him. Majeed according to Nkilgi FM ‘s source allegedly stole the goat in a village near Tamale with his brother.

Majeed Square was ambushed by the people of the community after allegedly stealing goats from the village on countless occasions. The villagers mounted a road block at the entrance of the community for Majeed and his brother after they picked information they were around. Majeed and his brother who according to our source were seen with a goat, were returning to Tamale with the animal on their motorbike and run into the road block while at top speed at about 3:00am yesterday 21st May, 2020. The villagers pounced on the two but Majeed’s brother managed to escape. Majeed was caught and beaten mercilessly and left for dead.

The Police were informed to come for the body of Majeed and upon picking the body, they realised Majeed was still breathing and so was taken to hospital where according Nkilgi FM’s source, he is still alive and receiving medical attention.

Majeed’s brother has also been arrested by the Police.

Source: nkilgifmonline.com