The New Patriotic Party (NPP) in the in the Yapei- Kusawgu Constituency of the Savannah Region have allegedly forcefully taken hold of a number of Ambulance Tricycles donated by a Charity Foundation to the Central Gonja District Health Directorate.

Reports say the NPP Parliamentary Candidate for the Constituency and the Chairman have started distributing these tricycles without the knowledge of the Central Gonja District Health Directorate.

Bole based Nkilgi FM contacted the National Democratic Congress (NDC) Secretary for the Yapei- Kusawgu Constituency Mr Latif Iddi Atingpo (I) on this issue and he said; “The NPP Parliamentary candidate in order to score cheap political gains has hinted falsely that he procured such machines for onwards distribution to communities such as Sheri, Mpaha and Tuluwe”.

He added; “I therefore urge Yapei-Kusawgu constituents to disregard the false claim by the NPP Parliamentary candidate as the real donor of the machines. It is just a calculated attempt to rob the immense credit meant for the NGO Charity Foundation”.

Mr Latif Atimgpo (U) said the NPP candidate is always changing colours and that henceforth the right name for him is “Abu Chameleon”.

Bole based Nkilgi on 19h May, 2020 went ahead to speak to the Member of Parliament (MP) for the Yapei-Kusawgu Constituency Hon John Abudulai Jinapor on what he knows about the Ambulance Tricycles and he said he has already spoken to the District Director of Health Service in the the Central Gonja District (same as Yapei-Kusawgu Constituency) and he confirmed the Ambulance Tricycles are a donation from a charity foundation for the Ghana Health Service.

“It is instructive to note that that the programme has nothing to do with any individual or politician. He has equally denied knowledge of the involvement of the NPP candidate in the distribution of the Tricycles” the MP said.

Hon John Abudulai Jinapor further said; “I strongly registered my disapproval of the decision to park the Tricycles at the private residence of the NPP Chairman and the Health Director has promised to rectify that anomaly and ensure the right thing is done”.

The MP for Yapei-Kusawgu Constituency Mr John Abudulai Jinapor also said; “I shall proceed to register my protest formally to the Regional Health Directorate and copy the relevant institution”.

The Yapei-Kusawgu MP said henceforth they will not allow any individual to perpetuate his or her selfish ambitions with state acquired resources.