By Mahama Haruna (General Manager of Nkilgi FM)

As a Radio Station Manager I always listen to other Radio stations anytime I find myself in other towns in the Savannah Region for sake of learning more on presentations.

The first time I heard about you (Dauda Braimah Sakara) aka “DJ Jebisco” and also “Commander of the Airwaves” was when I visited Buipe for a Gonjaland Youth Association meeting in 2017 and decided to listen to Union FM which is off air now.

Listening to one Dauda Braimah Sakara Jebisco read News in Gonja impressed me. I said Wow! What a good presenter!

Later I contacted your former Radio station (Buipe Union FM) after Inhrard it was off air and he told I can engage your services.

Later I contacted you and and after a little assessment at Tamale engaged you.

when you arrived in Bole to start work with Nkilgi FM, my words to you were simply. I said; “Just put up your best to maintain the standards Bole based Nkilgi Fm has set for itself gaining a huge and loyal audience across the western part of the Savannah Region”.

Since then you have not disappointed me.
You have helped to uplift Nkilgi FM.
You have patience, knowledge, creativity, passion and self confidence.

What impressed me most was the camaraderie between you and the other presenters especially your Senior Morning Show host Mudasiru Afari Techi (Mr Chairman). The two of you have cliqued and that is making the morning show interesting and superb. I always thank God for that.

I have an an attitude which I always feel is meant to bring out the best in all my presenters but some think is a weakness. I always insist the right thing is done on air and in covering programmes but some people call it “pressure”.

I realised the two of are able to contain it.

I will urge you to keep working hard even though I sometimes feel you people are worth more than your remuneration especially having moved from other towns to settle in Bole to work for Nkilgi FM.

“Commander of the Airwaves” is also known as DJ Jebisco and I later understood why. In terms of music I realised you have a strong knowledge of music, a passion for music and is known to have the energy to promote music.

Your strength of being able to mix various genres of music together is appreciated by Nkilgi Fm’s listeners and your ability to provide information on songs you play has always attracted a larger audience for Nkilgi Fm anytime you are on air.

“Commander of the Airwaves” as you are known by cherished listeners of Nkilgi FM really command the airwaves. You are good, humble and complains little even when things don’t favour you.

Keep it up!!

15th May, 2020.