A rainstorm in the Bole area last Saturday 15th May, 2020 has resulted in roofs of about ten houses being blown off.
Many house holds were left stranded the whole night with the valuable property soaked by the rains after the roofs of their houses were thrown off.
The people of Maluwe have appealed to the District Chief Executive (DCE)  for Bole Madam Veronica Alele Heming and the National Disaster Management Organisation (NADMO) office to come to their aid.

A resident of Maluwe Yakubu Adams aka DJ Adabre said the rain was severe and at the end resulted to a big problem for the community since ten houses got their roofs blown off. He said the rainstorm brought down wooden electricity poles in the community and that they were lucky no one got electrocuted.
Meanwhile many people in the Bole area have commended Bole based Nkilgi FM for always giving weather updates since that help them to plan ahead of any weather condition. Nkilgi  FM announced at 5:00pm last Saturday that there will be a heavy rain in Savannah region and truly it rained for almost one hour beginning 7:30pm.
Source: nkilgifmonline.com