A Nigerian prostitute in Bole has seized the bicycle of a man (name withheld) for not paying her after a  bout of sex in the Bush around a school called Confidence Preparatory School in Bole town.

Even though this is the month of Ramadan, the man from Bole shochu is predominantly a Moslem Community went and had sex with a prostitute after they bargained for GHc20.
However the man had only GHc10 on him which the prostitute rejected and seized the mans bicycle after a scuffle.

An eye witness during the scuffle explained to Bole based Nkilgi FM that he was passing by the back of popular Fuel station and spot in Bole called “Total” and saw the man an the prostitute arguing.  The eye witness said he went closer and the man told him he was just passing by the place and a Nigerian seized the bicycle.

According to the eye witness upon interrogation he realised the man went for the services of the prostitute after they bargained for GHc20 but after the act the man decided to pay GHc10  resulting in the problem.
The eye witness said he actually asked the Nigerian prostitute why she seized the mans bicycle and it was at that moment the last decided to spill the beans.

He said the Nigerian prostitute disclosed that the man came for her services and they bargained for a price but after the act the man refused to pay her what they bargained.
The Nigerian prostitute said she actually wanted to charge GHc50 accommodation inclusive but the man said they should rather go to his house.

The Nigerian prostitute said on their way the man said he prefer it to be done in the bushes around a Preparatory school which she agreed and turn the back which the man enjoyed well.
The Nigerian prostitute said it was after the act the man decided to play tricks and so she seized the motorbike and brought it around the Total Spot where the man followed up to collect.

According to the eye witness he tried pleading for the bicycle to be released but the Nigerian prostitute said she will no longer take GHc20 and that the man should add more money before she will release the bicycle and that at that juncture he the eye witness left the scene and do not know what happened afterwards.
Source: nkilgifmonline.com