The stealing of big truck batteries is becoming rampant in the Damongo township on rainy light out nights with many owners of vehicles getting worried anytime there is power outage during rainy nights.
Many trucks especially KIA and Tipper Trucks loose their batteries to thieves anytime it starts to rain in the night.

Somewhere last year, the batteries of more than 20 vehicles were stolen by thieves who always take advantage of lights out anytime it rains.
Several efforts to track the thieves proved futile with residents suspecting these stolen batteries are either sold outside Damongo or sent to the galamsey sites in the region for sale.

Rains have set in set in Damongo this year after several prayers resulting in blackouts and the staking of batteries.

A popular KIA truck that supplies residents with water owned by the Chief Executive Officer of Matuwe Enterprise is the latest casualty to loose his battery batteries estimated at a cost of Ghc1,600 has been stolen.
The rampant battery stealing has also forced some vehicles owned by companies to be packed at the homes of drivers for safe keeping.

Drivers and owners of vehicles are therefore appealing to persons who might have gotten information of people selling batteries and labeling them as slightly used Batteries to report the victims since the practice is killing the transport business in Damongo.

Apart from batteries, goats, sheep and other animals are stolen during rainy nights which is also becoming very serious concern to residents.
Source: Zion Abdul- Rauf Attachments area