Some residents of Boachipe, a farming Community in the Central Gonja District of the Savannah Region believe they are immune from contracting the novel Coronavirus disease after consulting their gods.
As a result, residents are going about their normal business with the belief that they do not need to observe the COVID-19 protocols outlined by the experts.
This came to light when the People for Health (P4H) focal person in the Central  Gonja District Mr Mbamba Mark Osman and his team met with elders and opinion leaders in the Boachipe community.
Mr Mbamba Mark Osman disclosed that in their bid to educate residents of Boachipe on the protocols outlined the Ghana Health Service (GHS), the DCMCs, they were told by residents they have the biggest and most potent shrine in the district and that it has never let them down. 
According to Mr Mbamba Mark Osman the people in the community prefer to listen to the directives of the shrine than to follow the protocols of health experts. 
Mr Mbamba to the utter shock on a visit to Boachipe, E and Opinion leaders affirm their position that their gods have told them that the disease would not get to them so they are not concerned about it.
He said this mind-set has made the COVID-19 education drive in the community difficult.
“It is, therefore, important that those in authority such as the Assembly, District Security Council (DISEC) the National Commission for Civic Education (NCCE) and the District Health Management Team (DHMT) intervene by increasing public education and enforcing compliance with the laid down protocols; Mr Mbamba said.