The King and Overlord of the Gonja Kingdom Yagbonwura Tuntunba Boresa has accepted the Chief of Murugu in the West Gonja District of the Savannah Region Murguwura Amadu Changa Kramoh as the next Busunuwura of the Gonja Kingdom. Chief Amadu Changa Kramoh  succeeds the late Busunuwura Nungbanso Mahama Lenseni who passed on on 5th November, 2019.
The introduction of the Busunuwura by the Kingmaker of Busunu to the Yagbonwura took place at the Palace of the Yagbonwura Tuntunba Boresa (I) on Monday 9th December, 2019 in an atmosphere peace and understanding.
The newly appointed Busunuwura was first enskined as Dirpewura of the Busunu Traditional area in 2014 and later Muruguwura in 2017.
He started his working life as a Game warden at the Mole National Park and later a Teacher at various schools in the West Gonja District.
He moved on to become a Revenue Collector with the West Gonja District Assembly for many years.
After obtaining a Diploma in Land Valuation, he worked as a Land Valuation Officer at the West Gonja  District rising to become a Principal Land Valuation Officer at the West Gonja District and later Bole District where he retired 2008.
A Chieftaincy call sent him back to the Busunu Traditional Area of Gonja.
The newly selected Busunuwura will perform the 12th Day Funeral of his predecessor after which he will choose a date for his enskinment.
The Busunu skin is a very important one in Gonja since Busunu is historically known to host some od the powerdul traditional warriors of the Gonja Kingdom. The Busunuwura is one of the seven (7) Kingmakers of the Gonja Kingdom.
Source: Zion Abdul- Rauf