The Member of Parliament (MP) for Bole- Bamboi constituency Hon. Alhaji Yussif Sulemana accompanied by the Manager of Special Duties and Projects at the Head office of the Ghana Tourism Authority Mr Gameli Dzordzorme; a Ghana Tourism Authority official for Northern Region Alhaji Hakeem as well the Damongo, Bole and Mankuma Branch Chairmen of the Gonjaland Youth Association undertook a developmental survey of the Gonja Royal Mausoleum at Mankuma in the Bole District of the Savanna Region yesterday 14th September, 2019.

The MP and the entourage first visited the Traditional Chief of Mankuma, Kakulasewura Mahama and his sub-chiefs and also visited the Traditional Priest of Mankuma Kadewura Gulbi.

Speaking to the Kakulasewura and his elders, the MP for Bole- Bamboi constituency explained that he is a son of Gonjaland and a representative of the people of the Bole- Bamboi constituency at Ghana’s Parliament and  the Deputy Ranking Member of Trade and Industry and therefore discussed the construction of the Gonja Royal mausoleum with the Minister of Tourism Madam Catherine Afeku at one of their meetings. He said upon seeing a write up from a dedicated son of Gonjaland and General Manager of Bole based Nkilgi fm Mahama Haruna, he was disturbed at the dilapidated nature of the Gonja Royal Mausoleum at Mankuma and so formally proposed to the Ghana Tourism Board to help reconstruct the place and had positive feedback hence coming to Mankuma with officials of the Ghana Tourism Board.

Alhaji Yussif Sulemana added that the World Bank in 2018 provided and amount of US$40 million to the Tourism sector of Ghana and that he has discussed with officials of the Ghana Tourism Board the need for the Gonja Royal Mausoleum at Mankuma to be considered for projects the Authority will embark on in the year 2020.

The Manager of Special Duties and Projects at the Ghana Tourism Authority Board Mr. Gameli Dzordzorme said MP for Bole- Bamboi drew their attention to the potentials of the Gonja Royal Mausoleum and that they were in Mankuma to know what the project is about that they see a lot of potential in the place in terms of tourism and will therefore find the financial resources to work on the place. He said they will give a technical direction and will assist the MP, the Bole District Assembly and the local community to work on the place.

He said after surveying the mausoleum, he realised a new wall need to be built round it with rooms, a museum, two boreholes, a car park, a herbal center, a weaving center, an information and a cultural display center.

He added that the internal and external development of the mausoleum will consider local architecture that will depict the image of the people of Gonjaland.

Speaking to the MP and the Ghana Tourism Board officials, the Mankuma Kakulasewura Mahama explained that he a Traditional Chief is under the King Overlord of the Gonja Kingdom (Yagbonwura) and need his permission before any construction can take place at the Gonja Royal Mausoleum in community.

The Mankuma Kakulasewura added that they have taken care of the mausoleum for generations on behalf of the Yagbonwura and will be happy to see the place reconstructed with his permission. 

The Chairman of the Damongo Branch of the Gonjaland Youth Association Nyiribiwura Yakubu Jarga Abukari said the Association has a committee made of himself the Bole branch Chairman of the association and that Mankuma Branch Chairman that was selected to liase with those who matter hence coming to Mankuma to the MP for Bole- Bamboi and the Ghana Tourism Board Officials.

Nyiribiwura Jarga Abukari disclosed it was the Gonjaland Youth Association that mobilised funds to build the wall around the mausoleum and the two (2) rooms attached but did not have enough funds to develop other facilities as expected.

He mentioned that the last Central Committee of the Gonjaland Youth Association at Daboya suggested the reconstruction of the mausoleum and so they were happy the MP for Bole- Bamboi constituency took the matter up with the Ghana Tourism Authority Board members who are in Mankuma to take a survey of the mausoleum and to see to the start the project.

Chief Nyiribiwura pleaded with the community members who are settled close to the mausoleum more especially those in the front view of the place to relocate and give way when the project starts.

History says a Founder of the Gonja Kingdom Sumaila Ndewura Jakpa is buried at Old Buipe in the Central Gonja District of the Savannah Region even though it was his express wish to take his final rest at the sister’s place of abode at Mankuma after his death. Ndewura Jakpa got wounded in battle and while conveying his body to Mankuma it got bad hence was buried at Old Buipe. Since then it has become customary for all Overlords of Gonja (Yagbonwura’s) to be entombed at Mankuma.