The MP for Damongo Constituency in the Savannah Regional Hon Mutawakilu Adams Garlus has said that claims that the Deputy Chief of Staff, Samuel Abu Jinapor was the one who connected Murugu, Mognori and Broto communities in the West Gonja District  (Damongo Constituency)  to the National Electricity Grid is empty, false, vague and a mockery of governance in the fourth republic.

A statement signed by the Research Assistant of the MP Issifu Seidu Kudus Gbeadese said the ongoing rural electrification project was planned, designed and executed by the erstwhile Mahama regime and that the project scope covers five regions (Northern, Eastern, Upper West, Upper East and Volta regions) with 556 communities captured.

In response to a story by Bole based Nkilgi that the Deputy Chief of Staff Jinapor Connected three  Communities to the national electricity grid Mr Kudus said the agreement was signed and sealed on the 13th of November, 2014 and the Addendum sealed on the 19th of July, 2015 with the implementation period set for 1,825 days (5 years) and so all communities including Murugu, Mognori and Broto in the West Gonja District were supposed to be connected by end of 2018, all other things equal.

“For the records, since 2017, the Nana Addo led NPP government has not entered into any rural electrification agreement; they have not secured any fresh funding for any rural electrification; they have not added to the list of communities that were captured under the SHEP 5 and Hunan Projects”, Mr Kudus said.

“What exactly did Samuel Abu Jinapor do in respect of the ongoing rural electrification across the country so much so that we are told he personally connected the said communities in the West Gonja District?”, the statement asked.

The statement asked; “At the time the agreement was brought before the cabinet of President John Mahama in 2014, was Samuel Abu Jinapor part of that cabinet? At the time the agreement was laid before Parliament for consideration, was Abu Jinapor the MP for Damongo so that he reserved that vested interest in whatever goes into the consideration?”

The statement asked what is the role of the DCE and the West Gonja District Assembly in the project execution is.

Mr Kudus said they aware the office of the Deputy Chief of Staff has influence and opened enough to create financial resources (money) through whatever means and sources, but not to the extent of creating so much money that can connect 3 communities to the national electricity grid and that “You can indeed fool some of the people some of the time but you can’t fool all the people all of the time”.

“It is a fact that the NDC in 1998/99 connected Damongo township to the National Grid. The NPP came for 8 long years and never connected a single community outside of Damongo until the NDC returned in 2009. The NDC since 2009 connected 11 communities and had made provision for 13 others under the current rural electrification project which included Murugu, Mognori and Broto. And in all these, the NDC never organized any commissioning or jamboree and used same platform to lie to the people in order to hoodwink them into believing that there is another Jesus who can change wine back to water”, the statement concluded.