The Council of State Representative for the Savannah Region Kpongriwura Adam Zakariah has blamed partisanship on the stalling of the establishment of a Teacher Training College in Bole.

Reacting to concerns about the abandonment of the Bole Teacher Training College, the Savannah Region Council of State Member said; “Our problem in Bole is that we put so much premium on partisan politics at the expense of development. I played a consultative role in the establishment of the Colleges of Education of both Yendi and Gambaga but my own people in Bole kicked against my being part of the committee for the establishment of the college with the explanation that I was not a member of the ruling party then”.

The former Principal of Bagabaga Teacher Training College in Tamale added; “All the same I offered secret advice to the member who leaked that information to me. The only time I was involved was when NDC lost the election and James Jaga, late Jomo (then Secretary to the late Bole Paramount Chief) a few others came to me in Tamale to tell me to plead with the incoming government not to abandon the college project in Bole which was at the foundation stage”.

Kpongriwura Zakariah added; “I was candid in my advice. I told them that my little experience tells me that the incoming government will not continue with that project for political reasons. To be sincere with you, I don’t think that John has failed Bole people. It is rather Bole people who failed John. We did not draw his attention and pressurise him to do one or two things for Bole. Some where along the line, behind the scenes, I whispered into the ears of our current MP to tell him to try and connect Bole to Chaache for water. I believe strongly that he did but the real Gonja man attitude of ‘they will talk about me’ probably made him ignore the hint.

According to the respected former educationist and sub Chief from the Bole Traditional Area; “We (people from Bole) were rather interested in the support he (John Dramani Mahama) will give us as individuals. He came to this realisation when it was too late.

He advised; “This should be a lesson to us all. Let’s always strike when the iron is hot..Let’s all put development first.

The Savannah Region Council of State Member concluded by saying; “When it comes to development of Bole, we are brother’s and sisters”.

The issue of the abandoned Bole Teacher Training College which is always in controversy was resurrected after the Member of Parliament (MP) for Bole-Bamboi Constituency Alhaji Yussif Sulemana clarified his position on the controversy surrounding the establishment of a Teacher Training College in Bole.

Hon. Alhaji Yussif Sulemana speaking on Bole based Nkilgi FM on his 2021 stewardship said, the National Democratic Congress (NDC) government had plans far advance to establish a Teacher Training College in Bole but unfortunately the NDC Government lost the 2016 Presidential elections and that stalled the project.