Mr Seidu Abdul-Razak aka Mpa who was Chairman for the 2020 Damongo Constituency Independent parliamentary Candidate (Mr David Tiki Dange) has bemoaned the disappearance of his candidate from the Constituency after loosing woefully to the New Patriotic Party (NPP) candidate Hon Samuel Abu Jinapor.

Chairman Mpa made the revelation after sending a word of thank you to the electorates who bought into their campaign message during the campaign period.

He said he found it very necessary after 9 months to say a very big ‘thank you’ to the people of the Constituency and to apologise especially to the MP for the Damongo Constituency, Hon Samuel Abu Jinapor since he made several categorical and degenerative statements against him on several campaign platforms.

He said Hon Jinapor has proven him wrong after winning the seat adding that a lot of good things are happening in the Damongo Constituency under him.

He indicated that in the wake of the campaign, he doubted Hon Jinapor and branded him as a stranger who will disappear after winning the seat which has not happened.

Chairman Mpa said Damongo has become a home for the MP with electrification in rural areas, women empowerment, youth employment and above all the first member of Parliament to have an office that has it’s doors opened 24 hours to receive everybody.

The Campaign Chairman of the Independent candidate in 2020 said the Damongo Constituency does not need an MP but serious development which Hon Jinapor is executing and urged the Constituency to rally behind him come 2024 and beyond to make him another John Mahama in the Savannah region.

On his candidate Tiki Dange, Chairman Mpa who resigned from the NDC as a branch chairman of the Langbonto electoral area to lead the campaign of the Independent Candidate said he does not want to focus much on his former candidate since his where about is not known after he lost and left Damongo.

At the end of the 2020 parliamentary elections in the
Damongo constituency of the Savannah Region, Hon Samuel Abu Jinapor of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) polled 15,989 votes while Hon Adam Mutawakilu of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) who was the incumbent polled 13,279 votes with Mr David Tiki Dange an Independent polling 296 votes.