The Member of Parliament for the Bole- Bamboi Constituency Hon. Alhaji Yussif Sulemana has on 24th May, 2021 supported the Bole Local council of churches with vials of anti-snake venoms and a refrigerator at a cost of GHc15,500.

Speaking to Bole based Nkilgi Fm after a short ceremony with the Bole local council of churches and the Bole health Directorate, Hon Alhaji Yussif Sulemana said he donated the anti-snake venue to the Local council of churches because the had a meeting with them some few months ago at the Bole substation of the Cocoa research Institute of Ghana, and they (local council of churches) chronicled some challenging issues including the difficulty of people getting the anti-snake venom anytime they are referred to buy from private sources.

The MP said the government has been providing the anti-snake venom at no cost at the hospitals, but the problem has been that they are not enough and sometimes people in Bole District were referred to Wench or Wa.

He added the local council of churches having realised this collaborated with him (MP) to do something to ameliorate the situation hence the the donation 50 vials of the anti-snake venom to the local council of churches to be be given to the Bole District health directorate.

Alhaji Yussif Sulemana urged the Local council of churches to keep the anti-snake venom at the matyrs of Uganda clinic in Bole so that anytime somebody is referred to the clinic, the person pays the wholesale price and then get the venom to be administered on him or her.

The MP admitted that the vials he went for is the high quality type because it is general in nature and can be used for all snake bites and that one don’t need to bring along the snake that bite him or her because it can cure every snake bite.

The chairman of the local council of churches in Bole, Rev Adams B. Seidu of Fountain Gate Chapel said the they are in to help the community and they have realized a lot of people have problem of getting the snakes venom and so they put that before the MP.

Rev. Adam B. Seidu said the MP promised to make available some anti-snake venom and they (local council of churches) is very grateful to the MP for fulfilling his promise.

He said the local council of churches have decided to take the venom to the matyrs of Uganda clinic because most people have the perception that the government is providing the venom for free, so that the would not be any problem between the health directorate and the people.

Rev. Adam B. Seidu said the have rwduv3d the price to GHc310 which was supposed to be more than that so that the less privileged can procure it.

He said the project is for the local council of churches, but the MP is only sponsoring them to get the venom as they chronicled in their meeting.

The Bole district director of health Mr David Bakuri also told Nkilgi that a few months ago came together to start a project on how to keep a snake venom, in case the hospital do not have.

He said the project started and they consulted the MP for the Bole-Bamboi Constituency for support and the MP has now supported them with the anti-snake venom.

He again said the project is not for the MP but for the local council of churches

Mr David Bakuri said the anti-snake venom will only be used when they health directorate do not have some at their facility and they will refer them to the matyrs of Uganda clinic and they will only pay GHc 310 which is the wholesale price of the venom.

Mr. Bakuri also admitted the venom is the quality type and will help the people of the Bole district.

He also commended the MP and the local council of churches for that great initiate.