A new Paramount Chief for the Kusawgu Traditional area of Gonja Kusawguwura Kusawguwura Soale Bunyanso (II) has been enskined at a colourful ceremony at Kusawgu in the Central Gonja District of the Savannah Region on 20th March, 2021.

The colourful enskinment of the new chief for the Kusawgu traditional area saw in attendance people from all walks of life’s to the Kusawgu traditional area. The Kusawguwura would be outdoored on Sunday 21st March 2021 at the forecourt of his palace and the event would be attended by other Paramount Chiefs of Gonja, government officials as wells sons and daughters of Kusawgu Traditional area and well wishers.

The new Kusawguwura was the Yapeiwura before his nomination by the King and Overlord of Gonja Yagbongwura Tuntumba Boressa (I) in accordance to the traditions of the Kusawgu Traditional area and Gonja to succeed Kusawguwura Kunkarga from the Adamape gate who passed on on 19th January, 2021.

Known in private life as Assistant Chief Fire Office (ACFO Retired) Alhassan Soale, the nominated Kusawguwura was born in September 1944 at Yapei to Kusawguwura Soale Bunyanso (I) of the Soalepei gate of the Kusawgu Traditional Area. He started his primary Education at Kusawgu primary and proceeded to Salaga L/A Middle School from 1956 to 1959.

He got employed as a messenger at the Information Services Department and later elevated to Assistant store Keeper in 1961.

On 3rd January, 1966, He got enrolled to the fire Service Training school for a 4 weeks Training program but it later turned out to be 9-month training due to the overthrow of President Dr. Kwame Nkrumah Government in February, 1966

Kusawguwura Soale Alhassan graduated from the Fire Service Training School in September 1966.

He started work as recruit Fireman in November, 1966 at the Airport fire station in Tamale.

In 1967 he was moved to the Tamale Fire station, where he obtained the Ranks of Sub Officer in 1970 and Station Officer in 1974.

He was transferred to Accra in 1978, Bolga in the upper East in 1979 and Yendi in 1981

He got elevated to the Rank Assistant Divisional Fire Officer in 1978, and transferred to Denu in the Volta Region as the District Fire Officer in 1982

In 1983, due to his hard work and determination he was again promoted to Divisional Officer grade II.

Kusawguwura Soale Bunyanso (II) was again transferred from Denu to Damongo in 1984 as the District Fire Officer.

He later got transferred to Tumu in the Upper West Region in 1993 and after a year he was brought to Tamale in 1995.
Kusawguwura Alhassan Soale was first enskinned as the Kesaanyawura of the Kusawgu Traditional Area in the year 2009.

He was enskinned as the Yapeiwura in June, 2014, the mentorship skin of the Kusawgu Traditional Area, stepping into the footsteps of His Father Ewurbi Soale (I) who ruled Yapei for 33 years until his elevation to the Kusawgu Skin in 1967 and his Elder Brother YapeiWura Braimah Soale (II).
He was elated to Kusawguwura Alhassan Soale Bunyanso (II) after taken customary Kola as the Kusawguwura on 12th February, 2021 from Jira Yagbon wura Tumtumba Boressa I at the Jakpa Palace after the funeral rites of the late Kusawguwura Samuel Sulemana Ewuntomah Kunkaraga (I).

Source: nkilgifmonline.com