The National Democratic Congress (NDC) Communication Officer for the Savannah Region Mr Malik Basintale has said that truth has triumphed over the wicked lies and desperation of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) in the Savannah Region after a Bole Magistrate court acquitted and discharged four people from Kabilma in the Bole District who were accused of being NDC vigilante group members and illegally possessing firearms used to escort people to registration centers.

Speaking on the morning show of Bole based Nkilgi FM Mr Basintale said; “the NPP masterminded the arrest of some four legal community vigilantee persons who were escorting residents across an armed robbery zone but the NPP blew lies across media portals and quickly tagged these boys to being NDC hired thugs meant for violence”.

According to Malik Basintale the NDC defended the four people because they knew the true status of their activities and how it had helped the Savannah region in those areas.

“Today, the courts have vindicated our stands and the NPP under the failed leadership of Akufo-addo has once again been brought to shame. Let all persons who embarrassed these hardworking community vigilantees and chiefs by calling them all sorts of names in the media space bow their heads in shame and find appropriate means of rendering an unqualified apology to all those they affected in their evil ways”; Mr Basintale said.

The Savannah Region NDC Communication Officer called on the people of Kabilma in the Bole District to vote against the NPP for the embarrassment they were went through. He said the people of the Community were described as “Armed Robbers” and “witches” to the extent an NPP leading member threatened to ensure the Chief of Kabilma is arrested over the issue.

The Bole Magistrate Court presided over by Prince A. Cudjoe on 18th August, 2020 acquitted and discharged four people from Kabilma in the Bole District who were accused of illegally possessing firearms and given their guns back to them.

The judge in his ruling said; “the accused persons have this morning produced documents covering the guns, I have received same from the police and examined them to be genuine”.

He stated that the accused persons who were arrested for possessing fire arm without authority contrary to section 11(a) of arms and ammunition Act 1972NRCD.9 are not guilty of any offence”.