Since the nomination yesterday of Prof Jane Naana Opoku-Agyeman, I have been behaving according to the name of a village some 40km from Bole towards Bamboi.

It’s called laugh and stretch your leg. It’s a Dagarti farmers’ settlement so if you can speak Dagari just do the direct translation. “Latiegberi”. Yes thats the name. But why are you surprised I have written it? Who told you I can’t speak Dagari? Don’t you know that most people in and around Bole can speak It? So why do you want to exclude me.

Now the story behind the name is that the first farmer settlers to the place got a bumper harvest their first year. So when their relatives came to visit them they told them that as for that place they’re so happy with their harvest. So they laugh and stretch their legs.

Hey hey don’t ask me whether the women also stretch their legs and how. The story didn’t include that so those of you guys always keen to go back into that part of a woman you came out from its your headache. Even that’s not what my focus is on here. Bad boys and old pensioners go to sleep. It’s late now.

My focus is on my brother’s bumper harvest which has made me to be laughing and stretching my leg. Kwakwakwa like that. Look at the picture below can’t you see my brother JM himself is happy and taking his damba steps.

Yes, JM has proved that not only does the NDC have the men, but the women too. Let all NDC members join JM celebrate the prof. In Sha Allah the celebration will continue after 7th December.

By the way I’m now in transit heading towards Bole to go and register. I remember watching some Homowo dance few years ago at Nungua. During that dance the revellers were singing “aids or no aids we go do”. Don’t as me what they will do. I didn’t also ask them I used their mood to determine what they were going to do. But they were singing and twerking seriously all over the place.

That was around the time HIV/AIDS has just been “discovered” and it was causing havoc like Covid-19 is doing now. So I’m also singing my song, “coro or no coro we go register”. Yes we have a civic duty to perform on 7th December. A duty to install John and Jane as the paramount chief and his linguist of Ghana on that day. In Sha Allah as I said earlier the celebration and stretching of legs will continue after that day.

I don’t want any long talk. “Nlara Ka Tie3 Ngberi” – Latiegberi and we shall continue after 7th December.

Good night.

By Mr S.A Zakariah
(The Pensioner).

7th July, 2020.