The 1995 year group of Ndewura Jakpa Senior Technical School in Damongo has presented two set of hand washing equipments to the school.

The equipment acccording to the year group is their little contribution towards combating the spread of COVID-19 in the school since teaching and learning is in process.

Speaking to Bole based Nkilgi FM, Mr Issahaku Majeed a member of the 1995 year group said the year group is making efforts to present more Personal Protective Equipments (PPE’s) to their alma mater and have decided to start with the two equipments whilst the rest of the PPE’s follow later.

He said they are in touch with other members of the year group who in the very near future will also make similar donations to the school.

Another member of the 1995 year group Mr Mohammed Kalakuta appealed to the other year groups to emulate the 1995 year group by also contributing their quota towards the development of the school.

Mr Kalakuta said contributing towards the development and growth of the school can come in so many forms apart from the donation of PPE’s to the school in this trying times.

He further said the school is the only institution in the Savannah Region that bears the name of the founder of the Gonja Kingdom with the houses in the school also bearing the names of prominent Kings who ruled the Gonja Kingdom ans so must at all times be supported in many ways to grow.

He explained that the school over the years has produced very prominent persons who are serving in various capacities in the country who can help in soliciting support towards the development of the institution and made an appeal to them help in giving back to their alma mater.

The headmaster of the school, Mr Jacob Adams on behalf of the staff and students of the school thanked the 1995 year group for the kind gesture and made an appeal to the other year groups to also assist the school.

Mr Adams said the academic performance of the students in the school should also be of great concern to the old students who at any given time are always welcomed to share ideas with the school as to how to improve the performance of the students.

He said the 1995 year group is the third batch of students to have completed the school and therefore urged the other year groups to emulate them.

He advised that he will be happy if donations to the school is changed from the material wealth to the betterment of results of students in the school by helping move the school from 0% to a better percentage since that helps in sending the name of the school far.

He suggested that the old students of the school can always help in the supervisionary role especially teacher absenteeism and other roles to help in the forward movement of the institution.

Among the 1995 year group who made the donation to the school included Mr Bakuri Kotochi, Mr Nuhu Lange, Mr Yahaya Mohammed and Issahaku Majeed.

Source: nkilgifmonline