Prices of a local alcoholic drink “Akpeteshie” in Bole and surrounding communities has been increased and this is creating a problem between Bar Owners and their customers.

A Customer disclosed to Bole based Bole based Nkilgi that he nearly attacked a Bar Owner who gave him the quantity that did not go with the money he gave.

Meanwhile a Bar owner in Bole also disclosed to Nkilgi FM that a gallon of “Akpeteshie” was GHc30 two weeks ago but the price has been increased by GHc5 making a gallon officially made drink now GHc35.

The person said they have no option than to decrease the quantity in order to make some little profit but this has created problems between them and their customers who feel they are being cheated.

“The sudden increase in the price on two weeks is creating problems between us and our customers because the customers feel cheated”; the person disclosed.

The person added; “We the Bar Operators in Bole and surrounding communities therefore wish to use Nkilgi FM which is a widely listened Radio station to plead to our customers to understand us”.

Meanwhile members of the Bar Operators Association in Bole are also appealing to their Chairman to always organise regular meetings to update them with current prices to avoid confrontations with customers.

The Bar Operators Association indicates that all should always conform to the new prices in order that some will not be seen as cheating customers.