The leadership of Gonjaland Youth Association under the aegis of Lawyer Alhaji Mohammed Amin Osman have secured Qurans to be distributed to the Muslim ummah in Gonjaland.

The Qurans were secured from Caravan of Mercy UK/Ghana, a charitable group whose mandate is to promote education and support the needy in the society.

The President of Gonjaland Youth Association has expressed his gratitude to the founder and the Trustees of Caravan of Mercy for the donation and further calls for more support to be given to widows and orphans for this Ramadan period.

The distribution will be made to some selected Mosques for the benefit of the people in general.

“The Quran was revealed in this holy month of Ramadan and I encourage all muslims to read the Quran” Lawyer Amin added.

The Association is also making efforts to secure some reading materials for all Islamic Schools in Gonjaland to help our students in those schools. 

Source: Borejinkpr Habibu Muftawu