Settle Ghana, a non- governmental organisation that defends the rights of indigenous people irrespective of their tribe, religion, race or political orientation and also championing the dreams, hopes and aspirations of Indigenous People of Ghana to live a fair and a dignified life has bemoan the exclusion of  indigenous languages in the fight against coronavirus. 
Speaking to the media in Damongo, capital of the Savannah Regional, the Director of Settle Ghana, Mr Abu Karimu expressed much concern about how government has neglected indigenous persons in terms of logistics to help fight the deadly Corvid-19 disease.

Mr Karimu said Settle Ghana in their own way has produced and discimanated audios on the Coronavirus  to some indigeneous people across the country. 
He further stated that it is the constitutional right of indigenous persons to be informed in their native language that they speak and understand about the corona virus that is globally killing people on daily basis.

Source: Zion Abdul- Rauf