An Independent Parliamentary Aspirant in the Damongo Constituency 2020 race, Mr. David Tiki Dange has partnered an Accra-based Hospitality and Professional Home Management services provider, HomeMakers Pro to employ the youth of his constituency.

The partnership sealed after official discussions with Mr Nathaniel Johnson, Group Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Supreme Hospitality Limited, the parent company of HomeMakers Pro, prioritizes the youth employment needs of Damongo Constituency in the recruitment process of the company.

 Closing the discussions which, started months ago, the former United Nations (UN) Security Advisor expressed his heartfelt gratitude to Mr Johnson and HomeMakers for agreeing to employ his people to drastically reduce unemployment in the constituency. 

According to him, youth unemployment has always been one of the biggest problems confronting the entire constituency. 

“I am working on similar partnerships to get the youth in the constituency employed in various sectors. This I hope will contribute in no small way to solving the fast-growing youth unemployment and its concomitant socio-economic challenges,” the Security Consultant said. 

He continued, “apart from unemployment, I am equally concerned about our aged water problem, security threats; agric processing and tourism development challenges. “As a Security Expert, an Advocate and a dynamic lobbyist, I will employ my extensive knowledge, experience and network fully to help solve these problems,” Mr Tiki Dange assured.

On his part, Mr Johnson said that it is his greatest heart desire and the cardinal purpose of HomeMakers to help solve the growing unemployment problem in the country, hence, when Mr Tiki Dange approach him and his company, he was excited to know that there are such leaders in this nation who genuinely think about their people. 

“We visited many communities in the Savanna Region and beyond and the level of poverty we saw is sickening to say the least. We are therefore committed to helping deal with the growing youth unemployment situation there. Such partnerships are very important because when entrepreneurs create decent jobs they don’t have to struggle to get people to work,” the entrepreneur said. 

According to him, the hospitality and home management services industry has enough space and jobs to absorb a lot of our unemployed youth as a nation. Government needs to give serious attention to that space and assist entrepreneurs to create more jobs to absorb the teeming youth from the streets. “All we need to do is train and groom them to become more resourceful to clients and employers,” observed Mr Johnson. 

With this partnership, HomeMakers will recruit young people from the Damongo Constituency and train them to work as professional housekeepers, nannies, caregivers, drivers, guards, cooks and chefs, etc. Implementation starts immediately.

Source: Raymond Ablorh